Saturday, January 3, 2009

Word Diagrams

Here is a list of words and improbable phrases with definitions both likely and improbable.

Autumnal Drift: The entropic migratory pattern of the human mind, which also takes the form of a self-lubricating map, or a five-dimensional book of emblems that can be shaken up like a broken kaleidoscope.

Russian Lilacs: Visions commonly found in high fever during adolescence.

Acephale: The Headless, or the secret society started by Georges Bataille.

Perichoresis: A technical term of the Catholic liturgy that denotes the mystery of the trinity. It derives from the Greek and implies an interpenetration of opposites.

Deco-verite: The method of the hoodwinking storyteller who uses adorned truths and brutally naked falsehoods to inflect authenticity with the timelessness of myth. Comes from the marriage of the root words deco, meaning false or adorned and verite, or truth.

More words and phrases to come. I am sufficiently amused.

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