Sunday, January 4, 2009

What It Is

So I'm still trying to figure out what I want this blog to be and, knowing me, I'm going to go for the extravagantly-ambitious and outlandishly all-inclusive.

However, what this blog is not includes the following:

1. Not a place where I will discuss my PRIVATE LIFE! Especially regarding my own shortcomings as a man.
2. Not a place where I will talk about how I hate doing the laundry, doing dishes, taking the garbage out and walking behind slow pedestrians but do keep in mind that I do hate all of that.
3. Not a place where I will spew venom on the world because nothing is going right.
4. Not a place where I will discuss the itinerary of my day which often includes waking up and cursing, taking a shower, taking trains and buses, eating food, going to the bathroom, working, kissing my girlfriend, kissing her again and knitting and knitting and knitting....

On that note, here is what I hope this blog can be:

1. A bulletin board for intellectual, scientific and artistic schemes, concepts, lore that I find intriguing and interesting and would like to share with others.
2. A place to talk about books I'm reading, movies I'm seeing, music I'm listening to and television series' that I should feel guilty of not following.
3. A place to outline, excerpt, expand on, deepen and elucidate works of my own fiction that are either done or in progress or mere whimsy. Along with that, I'd like to mind-map, or think aloud, about the processes, either lived, imagined or half-dreamed, that have inspired my fictions, because I find nothing more interesting than how ideas come to people. And how many false starts, labyrinths, dead ends and diverted roads were involved.
4. A place to outline, excerpt, expand on, deepen and elucidate essays and journalistic asides, philosophical arguments, travel jottings, opinions, and all that falls under the rubric of creative non-fiction.
5. A place to share links to other creative sites and people that are dear to my heart.
6. A place to give thanks for all the multifarious, labyrinthine promiscuousness of culture.

That should cover my hopes and dreams for this humble venture.

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