Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Santa Cruz Mini-Vacation With Semi-Disturbing Picture Story

It's always odd yet refreshing to take vacation trips back to my college town of Santa Cruz. And what better place to go on my thirtieth birthday than the city (and, by default, the school) that so much influenced who I am today. And I think mostly for the better.

How interesting it was, as a thirty-year old bookstore employee who lives in San Francisco to be accused of being a German tourist by a couple of local Santa Cruz "toughs" at their overpriced caffeine establishment. I mean, 5 bucks for a cappuchino!

But also, what an amazing opportunity it was for Katy and I to absolutely indulge in everything that the misty, beach-side never-never land has to offer, and to take interesting walks, and see old friends at very friendly imbibing establishments.

The photoessay that follows is largely the work of a man who is enraptured by the expressiveness of his companion Katy, but also baffled at how easily images come together into a seedy narrative. You go for a walk, and you find something, and you find other things, and you follow them until an entirely opposite thing is found. Along the way, plenty of red fog and shrouded bridges.

I warn you that some of the things we found in the woods are disturbing. And graphic. Be warned! But in the end, it all came together, like alchemy and it was beautiful.

The day begins with a young lady knitting a sweater at an outdoor restaurant.

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