Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Blogging At The Rumpus

After my two Sundays filling in for Mr. Fischer at The Rumpus, I've agreed to do a regular Thursday afternoon writing gig at The Rumpus, on an array of topics which hopefully will mostly be about books, art, writing.

More or less some of the stuff that goes on here at U.M. Maybe I'll cross-post. Basically, it's blogging about whatever I want. But The Rumpus writing will be more concise, newsworthy and linked to certain other book blogs. And this place here, I'll be keeping for longer rambles, more creative forays, outlines/drafts of critical stances and photography. But of course distinctions are meaningless.

I'm not sure if blogging is the future of writing, but I'm going to see how far I can roll with it, while also wanting to definitely maintain writing of a non-blogging sort. I dislike the short-attention span thrust of lots of blogs, which probably makes me a less than ideal blogger. Because after all I tend to ramble, put it in too much text, not enough links. Who knows?

On that note, some of my recent Thursday afternoon pieces for those interested:

I pose the question, Who Needs Philosophy?

As well as another: Why Do The Scandinavians Seek The Darkness?

So, if at all interested, check out The Rumpus Thursday afternoons for similar yet different posts from me.

Thanks for indulging my hyper-aware self-promotional meta-blogging.

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