Friday, July 24, 2009

My Cronenberg Rant

This last Thursday, I contributed to The Rumpus a pseudo-review-cum-rant of David Cronenberg's first feature film, Shivers. The film that Alien ripped off. Seriously. It's all in the added documentary on the DVD.

Read my review here.

I think it's amusing, especially the comments it inspired.

I think my love of Cronenberg doesn't necessarily hinge on a "sick disposition", only a respect for bravery and creative brinkmanship. He's a man who is influenced by Vladmir Nabokov, J.G. Ballard and William S. Burroughs. Thus, a word-ranter like me finds much to appreciate in his complex films.

I appreciate it when artists explore all the things I'm afraid of/and yet attracted to, i.e. modern medicine, sexual desire, biological upheaval, the fine line between the mind and the body, and of course that old standby, Death.

Fear is a good thing for artists. Maybe it's the ultimate catalyst for art when all is said and done.

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