Friday, November 20, 2009

Recently On The Rumpus, Etc.

Lately at The Rumpus:

Just a random sampler.

And as always, the Rumpus has other great features too like, for instance an interview with Paul Auster and an interview with Colum McCann who just won the National Book Award.

AND! Great new stuff at The Splinter Generation too!

Other things I'm obsessing over:
Carson McCullers in general
Interviewing my friends about their most personal secrets, jumbling it up and creating new characters out of the information.
Writing a travelogue about what happens when you travel just to distance yourself from your loved ones.
Writing a long essay about the year 2001 when so much happened.
Night blooming plants.
My bookstore which today was so BUSY! And I was in the zone meaning I felt no fatigue until right this moment.
Katy (as always)
My family -- writing them long overdue letters that strive to explain myself!
Crafting my contentious memoir.
Doing interviews with people: Kate, the owner of my bookstore and then maybe this famous Beat poet, Bukowksi biographer and writer Neeli Cherkovski who comes into my store and chats with me now and again about books and poets and Heidegger.
In the winter time all I want to do is eat, read and sleep.

My 6 day workweek is almost over, and then the holiday season will begin and I'll be working 40 plus hour weeks and wrapping more presents that even Santa can fit in his sack.

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