Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Recently Discovered Writers

I went off the handle today at the Rumpus about two new writers I've discovered, Anne Carson and Thomas Ligotti.

(I also realized today that "my world" is becoming more and more absorbed in literature/writing, which is kind of panicky, because I don't want to lose the "connection" to the "real world" but I also don't want to abdicate the very absorbing prospect of calling yourself a writer. That beings said there are at least 5 people I'm supposed to call back, three things I need to edit, ten stories I need to rewrite, 14 other people I need to bestow some kind of attention upon, and a blender to procure. Oh, and running shoes.)

Tonight: cooking cod and kale.

Anyway, in both small profiles above, I maintain a very over-the-top tone, thanks to the fact that lately I've felt somewhat over-the-top.

Both writers are worth tracking down. And for very different reasons, both having to do with the unanswered question at the heart of every moment.

Plus, no need to add that the result of having just discovered these two authors will certainly lead to some expanded notes and ellipses.

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  1. Anne Carson is great. Autobiography of Red is fantastic.