Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Job/New House/New News Hyperbolically Hyperlinked


Spring has sprung again. I've reconnected with my formative years in more ways than one. One of them is that I'm working at a bookstore now. The one below, God bless them.


I also got a new house! Or soon rather!
But seriously, seriously.... the REAL house, although forthcoming as of August, is locked, loaded and ready to go and only ONE block away from my work, which means a whole new life is manifest. A life of walking and biking A life in Bernal Heights. Which means no more of. . .
It also means I'll have to consider putting a cease and desist on The Excelsior Blog. But worse things have happened in the name of peace of mind and happiness.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Sarah 'Lucy Valiant' Rainier, Orion 'I can't think of a funny nickname' Elenzil AND Sethers P. Fischer The Extraordinary!

Thank you too all the good people at Goldstein, Demchak, Baller, Borgen and Dardarian, a tremendous, truly wonderful group that has tolerated my upheavals and personal mishaps and juggled houses for nearly three years now. And who I still help now and again.


  1. Wait, what? You quit your job at the law firm to work at the bookstore up the street from me, and you also are moving a block away right after I move out? We need to have a man brunch to discuss this further.

  2. Oh I still work at the "law firm" in a courier capacity. And I'm moving into Seth's soon-to-be-old house. I might be at the Wild Side tomorrow after work and this weekend, I know a party you should come to...
    Cheerio St. Germain.

  3. i am happy for you, mike! i heard about the house, but not the job. hurrray!