Friday, March 6, 2009

Adventure And Literature: John Law Reading

Last night, I saw John Law give a reading and a slide-show at City Lights Books to a capacity plus crowd of admirers, old friends, new friends and people like me who he doesn't know from Adam. The event was to celebrate the release of his first book, The Space Between which is a series of short stories about his nightmarish and hallucinatory experiences climbing bridges and exploring their intricate interiors.
Altogether it was a great presentation, highly inspirational and the slideshow was dazzling, especially the crazy photographs that nobody else had been to able to capture unless they were as brave as him and the rest of The Suicide Club. After the reading I wandered a bit around Chinatown thinking about bridges. Someone at the New York opening filmed John Law's slide show and put it on youtube in three parts. Below is the first part:

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